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Patient Care Will Suffer. Health care costs will Increase. Trusted patient-physician relationships will be Broken.

Don’t let the plaintiff’s lawyers reignite the medical malpractice crisis.

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A Crisis Looms

In 2002, Pennsylvania was in the middle of a medical liability crisis. High-risk medical specialists were forced out of the Commonwealth to practice medicine in other states. Family practices were squeezed out of existence, and maternity wards closed. The availability of healthcare for every Pennsylvanian was under assault. One of the reasons for this: plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking jackpot payouts in Philadelphia’s notoriously high verdict court system.

The Threat is Real

On Dec. 22, 2018, the Civil Procedural Rules Committee of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court published a proposed rule change that will jeopardize access to quality health care. If approved, this proposal would cause a flood of suits against doctors, hospitals, and long term care facilities to be filed in Philadelphia and other high verdict counties in PA. This would roll back a reform that helped stem the last medical malpractice crisis by requiring suits to be filed only where the alleged injury occurred. Lawyers will once again “venue shop” by filing suit in a locale most likely to provide a juicy contingency fee as opposed to where the case should be filed.

This rule change will take Pennsylvania back to dangerous days that fueled a medical malpractice crisis!

The Results Will Be Devistating

We cannot allow history to repeat itself by re-creating the conditions that caused physician’s insurance premiums to soar, practices to close, hospitals to cut back services, and young physicians to choose other states to care for patients. This attack on your access to health care must be stopped!

Look Who's Talking

Many groups have spoken out against the rule change.

Below is a sample of the thousands of comment letters submitted to the Procedural Rules Committee.

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